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Everything is easier with Balance

There is a growing interest in the effectiveness of tai chi for improving balance, coordination, pain and mental health status. Several studies have demonstrated that tai chi, an ancient physical activity, is an effective, evidence-based exercise that reduces pain related to chronic conditions, and aids in fall prevention through improving balance, flexibility and muscle strength.

Balance Beam

How to start your journey with System of Balance

If you are a  health professional or wellness practitioner... If you are new in the field and have no idea what Tai Chi is, you may want to start by taking the Introduction to  Clinical Tai Chi course to learn more about it. If you already had some Tai Chi practices or knowledge and want to become an instructor for the Clinical Tai Chi System of Balance, you need to register to the Clinical Tai Chi level 1 and your journey of Clinical Tai Chi System of Balance will start. 


System of Balance Courses

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