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Online and in-person CLINICAL TAI CHI: SYSTEM OF BALANCE: LEVEL 1 Instructor Training 

Clinical Tai Chi: A System of Balance for Health Professionals

This is a one-day in-person course plus an online portion. The course isdesigned to be relevant to all health care professionals who want to start an innovative approach for treating patients with musculoskeletal and chronic conditions and have an interest in learning about the balance system based on tai chi principles.  Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists, recreation therapists, nurses, rehab assistants, fitness instructors and physicians can particularly benefit from taking this course, which is a combination of theory and demonstration with small group practice of tai chi movements and postures. The course content can be applied in different settings, such as private clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, wellness centres, and community health centres. The system of balance works the static and dynamic balance. The balance training in all levels is a useful intervention in the rehabilitation of postural stability impairment as well as in training to improve performance.  The Liveby Tai Chi “System of Balance” method, incorporates concepts of an evidence-based approach called Sensory Training (STM), which is defined as a progressive balance training program where the dose and progression of the balance challenges are taken into consideration. 

Learning objective

  • Knowledge of current evidence-based approach of tai chi for improving mobility and pain.

  • Knowledge of assessment and outcome measures for participation in tai chi for improving balance, mobility and chronic pain.

  • Learning the principles of tai chi and how to incorporate them into clinical practice for individuals and groups.



Dr. Mirella Veras, PT, PhD, Post-doctoral in Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Montreal, Canada

Investment:  Course Price: $ CA$485.00

Registration: HERE


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