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Evidence-Based Tai Chi for Health Professionals

As a health professional, I see patients with neck pain, back pain and all types of chronic pain everyday. Chronic pain seriously affects the patient's daily activities and it is a problem globally and is likely to increase as the population ages.

The frequency, intensity, duration, or even the location of pain can affect patient’s physical and emotional aspects of their daily life. In my physiotherapy practice, I listen many patients with fibromyalgia, neck pain, pelvic pain, rheumatoid arthritis or low back pain saying that these conditions often cause a negative effect in their quality of life.

Beside the chronic pain, after an injury, patients will need exercises to rehabilitate and or/to keep themselves health and functional. Exercise is the best medicine and usually is a must in all treatment plans, then it is essential to refer patients to evidence-based exercise programs and qualified exercise professionals.

I have a passion for exercises and evidence-based interventions and I am committed to the belief that exercises promotes optimal health and is essential in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of many medical conditions.

I use Tai Chi exercises in my clinical practice to help people with chronic pain. Tai chi is an ancient physical activity and evidence-based exercise for improving balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and consequently, it is effective in preventing falls. It is also a body-mind exercise, which promotes concentration and clarity of mind.

The Canadian Family Physician Journal published a study about the health benefits of tai chi. The study found that "during the past 45 years more than 500 trials and 120 systematic reviews have been published on the health benefits of tai chi. Systematic reviews of tai chi for specific conditions indicate excellent evidence of benefit for many conditions. It is time to health professional start using Tai Chi, evidence-based exercise into their clinical practice.

With my exercise knowledge and my physiotherapy knowledge, I create a “System of balance” Tai Chi with a unique and innovative tai chi method that incorporates balance exercises and postures from different tai chi styles that are adapted with the physiotherapy knowledge and scientific principles to be used in rehabilitation and wellness.

Participants in our System of Balance tai chi love our unique method of teaching tai chi with body-mind exercises, balance, breathing, and tai chi postures and movements that are easy to learn and remember. Because everything is easier with balance!

Be part of the Liveby Tai Chi family as a participant in one of our workshops to learn and practice our Tai chi method, or become a certified Liveby Tai Chi instructor on our system of balance unique and innovative method.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at or join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram ( ) and YouTube Chanel ( .

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