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Tai Chi for Pelvic Pain and Pelvic floor

Tai Chi, also known as T’ai chi ch’uan or Taijiquan, developed as an ancient Chinese martial art and exercise. Tai Chi is today widely practiced for its health benefits.

Tai Chi has been applied in diverse clinical areas. Tai chi brings awareness, flexibility and strength to hip, legs and pelvic floor muscles. People with incontinence, urgency and pain in the pelvis, hips, back, neck and knees can have great benefits from practicing the Tai Chi System of Balance. Tai Chi helps to move and breathe more efficiently, increase sexual fulfillment, helps with balance in pregnant women and postpartum recovery, pelvic pain and urgency in men. It facilitates many functional activities like walking up and down stairs, and standing and walking with good posture. Many benefits of Tai Chi are enjoyed even when not doing the exercises, but also through the day. People who practice Tai chi have better posture and spinal alignment which reduces stress on the components of the spine and pelvis. If a person has a weakness of the pelvic floor, it is also necessary pelvic floor physiotherapy to strength the pelvic floor muscles.

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