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We offer different levels of tai chi. We have a program for each level, but we also adapt our classes according to the group's abilities and needs. In most of our tai chi exercises, we work your balance. Balance is reliant upon excellent deep core stability, hip and leg flexibility, and strengthening the body. Tai chi exercises also improve the function of your vestibular and visual systems. You will work your static and dynamic balance. 


Static Balance is the ability to maintain the body in some fixed posture. Whereas dynamic balance is the ability of your body to maintain postural stability and orientation with centre of mass over the base of support while the body parts are in motion. 


Most musculoskeletal injuries happen in sports and everyday life because we are used to working out the power of our muscles, but not their balance and stability.  

In most cases, your balance deficits can be quickly improved with specific balance or stability exercises. 

Tai Chi Level 1

Tai Chi Level 1 (Tai Chi for Beginners): 

Classes will focus on tai chi exercises for building strength, flexibility balance, breathing and concentration.  You will also learn lots of exercises for treating or preventing neck pain, low back pain, and improving hip mobility. In this level you also learn 4-6 tai chi postures from the Sun and Yang style. This level is also appropriate for anyone who registers for the first time with our program. 


People doingTai Chi
Tai Chi Level 2

Tai Chi Level 2 (Intermediate): 

You have already built your flexibility, learning and practicing the principles of tai chi level 1 and will continue to build your balance, strength and flexibility with more challenging exercises. You will also learning an additional 3-6 tai chi postures from the Sun and Yang styles. 

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Tai Chi Level 3

Tai Chi Lveel 3 (Advanced): 

Coming Soon!


Tai Chi Class
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